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HUD provides housing support and uplifts communities.

Serve as HUD’s senior level technical authority on public affairs matters ensuring an enterprise-wide perspective is taken in planning, coordinating, and executing the program. This includes responsibility to:

  • Develop and execute strategic communications plans, programs, and initiatives that include the development, management, and execution of strategic messages, plans, operational concepts, themes, policies, position papers and briefings to support HUD programs.
  • Evaluate trends in public opinion to determine public attitudes and perceptions related to HUD policies of community interest. This may include participation in meetings with federal and state legislators, community groups, and other stakeholders to determine HUD’s program needs and develop recommendations on ways to improve communication with various constituent organizations and interest groups.
  • Advise OPA staff on uniquely challenging, difficult, and sensitive matters; and advise/work with senior leadership and HUD management from various other program areas on special projects and unusual cases by using expertise to guide or modify public affairs methods, techniques, and approaches to special needs.
  • Conduct legal, legislative, and regulatory research, review, interpretation and analysis regarding Federal and Departmental issues and activities concerning HUD programs; Consider political, social, economic, technical, and administrative factors with potential impact on the recommended policies and public affairs program development.
  • Lead and/or support broad projects and/or initiatives that require support from multiple stakeholders.
  • Communicate regularly with internal and external stakeholders, as well as the regional Public Affairs Specialists to gain support and understanding for the project and/or initiative.

Serve as senior HUD spokesperson on national media matters. Provides direct support and counsel to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on talking points and strategy for high-visibility and high sensitivity issues. This includes responsibility to:

  • Maintain a constant awareness of media trends and issues and identifies potential problem areas, ensuring that complex, technical, and often very politically sensitive information is presented in a clear, concise, and understandable format to best represent HUD and its mission. This information often generates extreme controversy, scrutiny, and debate at the highest levels of government, the international news media, and the public, which requires HUD leadership to explain, debate, and sometimes defend the agency against negative media coverage.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the White House, representatives of government, members of Congress, civic organizations, all media, special interest groups, and internal stakeholders to oversee development and dissemination of materials to pertinent publics through the media.
  • Assess relevant news stories and available information (media reports, civic positions, public statements) to provide recommendations on appropriate responses
  • Articulate and defend HUD’s position orally and in writing to international, national, regional, and local media, as well as to other federal/state government agencies, and citizen/employee groups.

Provides administrative management/ technical supervision (less than 25% of the time) as requested by the Assistant Secretary. This includes responsibility to:

  • Coordinate Department HQ media Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with other stakeholders.
    Ensure all informational material disseminated is reviewed for security, propriety, and conformance to HUD policy.
  • Monitor and reviews internal control systems to ensure compliance with standards set by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to safeguard against fraud, waste, and mismanagement.
  • Serve as direct supervisor for career Public Affairs directors, specialists and officers and manage website and digital staff in the Office of Public Affairs.

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