A look back at 30 years of WWPR Woman of the Year

WWPR is gearing up for our annual Woman of the Year Award luncheon on Friday, November 15. This year is particularly exciting as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the signature event and award.

Over the past three decades, we have come together to honor and celebrate nearly 100 female leaders in the Washington, D.C. area – paying tribute to the trailblazers who have raised the bar in the field of public relations and paved the way for the future of the profession.

We are looking forward to adding three more phenomenal women to this group at the 2019 awards luncheon – KayAnn Schoeneman, Maura Corbett, and Susan Waldman.

As we prepare for next week’s award luncheon, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on the past 30 years of this event!

Back in 1990, Kate Perrin led the charge in creating WWPR’s Woman of the Year award. She remains involved, providing continued guidance and support for what the award has become today. Thank you Kate for fostering such a lasting event and hats off to winners of years past!

Past Woman of the Year Award Winners, 1990-2018

2018 Wendy Hagen
2017 Amy DeMaria
2016 Martha Boudreau
2015 Christina Nicols
2014 Laura Monica
2013 Pam Jenkins
2012 Stephenie Fu
2011 Heathere Keenan
2010 Debra Silimeo
2009 Sarah Temple
2008 Marilynn Mendell
2007 Jennifer Wayman
2006 Margery Kraus
2005 Carolyn Tieger
2004 Susan Hager
2003 Lisa Osborne Ross
2002 Denise Graveline
2001 Elizabeth Shea
2000 Mary Yerrick
1999 Gloria Dittus
1998 Pattie Yu
1997 Susan Morris
1996 Beverly Silverberg
1995 Joan Cole
1994 Katherine Hutt
1993 Pat Wheeler
1992 Elizabeth Lisboa-Farrow
1991 Myra Peabody
1990 Marcia Sharp

Our theme for the 30th annual luncheon this year is Pearls of Wisdom – a nod to the pearl being the traditional symbol of a 30th anniversary celebration. We recently reached out to our past Woman of the Year award winners to learn about their Pearls of Wisdom, here is what a few had to share:

Pattie Yu, 1998

Pattie’s Pearl of Wisdom: In communications as in life, never lose your compass for home.

Lisa Osborne Ross, 2003

Lisa’s Pearl of Wisdom: I have always believed that you can do well by doing good, and if you get the people thing right, profitability follows. Over the years, I’ve learned that a joyous and grateful heart enables you to be bold and brave at work and in life.

Pam Jenkins, 2013

Pam’s Pearl of Wisdom: Be curious. Read voraciously. Take risks. Make a difference. Laugh. Show appreciation. And give back.

Amy DeMaria, 2017

Amy DeMaria, 2017

Amy’s Pearl of Wisdom: If you have nothing else, you must have perseverance.

Wendy Hagen, 2018

Amy DeMaria, 2017

Wendy’s Pearl of Wisdom: Be curious: Never stop asking, “Why?” and “What would happen if…”. Be courageous: Have conviction and be open to feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Be generous: Give credit to others, give back and give yourself a break.

We hope you will join us on Friday, November 15 for the luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel to honor the 2019 Woman of the Year Award finalists, celebrate 30 years and hear more Pearls of Wisdom from leading women in the industry – including our keynote speaker Martha M. Boudreau!

Three Decades of the WWPR Woman of the Year Award in Photos