Executive presence – the ability to inspire confidence – is critical to success in the workplace. It sends a message to your team that you’re the leader they want to follow; to your peers that you’re capable and reliable; to your superiors that you have the potential for great achievements. 

In September, WWPR members heard from esteemed panelists on executive presence – what it is, how it impacts your success, and how it can help those around you. Katie McBreen, vice president of communications for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA); Chinyere Hubbard senior vice president of communications, marketing and community engagement of Events DC; and Debbie Wing, executive vice president of communications at the Farm Credit Council shared their experiences and advice for establishing and growing executive presence. 

Everyone should be thinking about executive presence.

As a professional in the workplace, achieving desired outcomes and getting to where you want to be is about more than just your work product. As panelists noted, it’s about how you communicate, how you interact with others, and your ability to read how others interact with you. 

Executive presence can inspire teams and lead to better outcomes. 

When people see you as a leader and trusted teammate, they are inspired to contribute with their best work. How you show up every day can either inspire or discourage others, and the choice is yours. No matter your role or experience, strong executive presence can lead to better outcomes.

If you are a member and would like to access the webinar recording that includes much more information, please email WWPR’s Professional Development Chairs to request access and for any other questions you may have: professionaldevelopment@wwpr.org