By Nidia Yanez, 2016 PR Woman of the Year Committee Member

Writing a nomination, particularly a winning one for Woman of the Year, isn’t an easy process. Much thought goes into crafting a nomination and there are only so many pages you can use to write about your nominee.

To help you craft the best possible nomination for this year’s PR Woman of the Year, we’ve reached out to one Washington Women in Public Relations member who is very familiar with the process: Kate Perrin, CEO of PRofessional Solutions, LLC. Kate has written nominations for several cycles, many of which have resulted in success: two of her nominees have gone on to be named PR Woman of the Year, and three others have been finalists.

Kate shared with us some tips on how to craft a strong application for the win. So if you’re still putting the finishing touches on your nomination, here are a few things for you to consider.

  1. Choose A Nominee You Know – One of the best things you can do is nominate someone you know, rather than a woman you’ve only read about. Writing about someone you know, such as a colleague, boss or friend, “gives you a little edge on how you present something about their character,” Kate said. This is something you wouldn’t easily find in a resume or LinkedIn profile.
  2. Create an Outline – An outline will help structure your thoughts about your nominee, making it easier to meet all of the criteria. Not only will this help you in terms of organization, but it also makes it easier for the judges to read through your submission and identify those standout characteristics you’re hoping to highlight.  
  3. Write, Edit and Edit Again – “Give free reign” to yourself and write as much as you want in your first draft, Kate mentioned. Once you’ve captured your initial thoughts, go ahead and start to edit with the goal of being succinct, yet conveying the reason why your nominee should win. Remember, you only have two pages so make them count.
  4. Don’t be discouraged – If your nominee isn’t chosen as a finalist this year, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t submit a nomination next time around. “Don’t be discouraged,” Kate mentioned. Reflect on ways to shine a light on your nominees stellar accomplishments, and encourage her to engage in even more leadership and community roles that would add to her qualification, and submit another nomination next year. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to our Woman of the Year co-chairs with questions about the nomination process. They can be reached at

Following  Kate’s advice will lead you one step closer to writing a strong nomination.

Don’t forget the submission deadline for the 2016 PR Woman of the Year  is TOMORROW, August 31st  at 11:59pm so nominate an extraordinary woman in PR today!