Sarah Beth Cloar, President, WWPR

I have been truly inspired by the power of connection this past month – from the overly used neighborhood listserv seeking lawn care and babysitting recommendations to the steady stream of email introductions between job seekers and employers. I love it when a successful connection sparks and a long-term relationship unfolds.

This is just one reason why I cannot quit the WWPR community – COVID or not – it has proven to be one of the best connection resources for me and my career. The women and opportunities that have come my way since joining some 7 years ago have been tremendously rewarding.

As we continue to find ourselves bobbing and weaving through our new circumstances, I hope you’ll pause and think about how you can make a connection for someone. Whether that be pairing a mentor with someone needing guidance; providing counsel for a new grad who isn’t sure where to go from here; hitting send on a dozen emails to your network and championing a colleague or friend who has lost their job; or simply dropping a hello and reconnecting with someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Connections are powerful. And you might not know what kind of “power” you hold! Keep your spirits up and try out some new connects this month.