To our WWPR Community:

As communicators, we use our voice every day to enact change, inspire a community, persuade audiences and storytell with purpose. Great communicators know when to speak and when to listen.

For many of us, now is the time to listen. For others, especially our Black female communicators, it’s a time to speak out. We encourage our entire community to lean on one another during this time, and to take this opportunity to listen, learn, and educate each other about these experiences – experiences that matter.

As our country leaps past its breaking point, WWPR stands firm in its support of the Black women in and beyond our network and commits to:

  • Instituting a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board Chairperson.
  • Building and providing programming that represents diverse topics, perspectives and voices that cultivates the conversation and grows our knowledge.
  • Continuing our own learning journeys to become more effective champions and leaders of reform.
  • Expanding our network of speakers and panelists by deepening our partnerships with organizations that authentically reflect the voices of Black women and women of color.
  • Supporting local and national non-profit organizations that share these values. This includes amplifying our pro bono efforts, especially with our current client, Academy of Hope, as they work tirelessly to provide a path forward for a diverse group of women and their families.

Lastly, we commit to elevating your voices. We want to hear from you. What additional support can WWPR provide?

We are here to listen and make an impact.

Your WWPR Board