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Engaging Industry

We have always known the importance of public relations methods, but many business schools are just catching on to the idea of incorporating them into their curriculum. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has been pushing for a collaborative MBA Business... [Read more...]

Technically Speaking

I have a good friend whose Facebook friend list is only 30-people long. How does she fend off the countless inquiries from old junior high lab partners and former suitors? One simple rule: If she would invite you to her house for dinner, she’ll be your friend on... [Read more...]

The Man Behind the PR

So we all know Vocus is a PR and cloud-based marketing software company so I thought  it would be interesting to talk to the man behind Vocus’ PR. Frank Strong is their director of PR which means he gets to direct the communications of not only Vocus but he also... [Read more...]