Personal Branding in a Virtual World

As communicators, we are constantly thinking about how to build our company or client’s brand. How can we elevate our CEO as a thought leader in the industry? How can we creatively ensure our organization stands out in a crowded market? However, we don’t always spend time focusing on our personal brand. As we continue to build our careers, networks, and social groups virtually, it is more important than ever to cultivate a personal brand that tells our colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and future employers who we are and what we bring to the table.

Alexia Baillow, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications Insights and Impact at Capital One and her mentor and personal branding expert, Carol Blymire, Founder and CEO of Blymire Communications, discuss the important role personal branding plays in career development and how to authentically merge your personal and professional identity to create one cohesive brand.

Listen to these successful brand strategists as they share:
• How finding your purpose plays an important role in developing your personal brand
• How to go beyond the resume buzzwords to showcase your unique story
• How to create authentic connections in a virtual world
• How to merge your personal and professional identity to create one brand that shines