WOYIMG_1076By Brittany A. Floyd, Member of WWPR and Co-Chair of WWPR’s Marketing Communications Committee

It’s no secret that having the support of a mentor helps you grow both personally and professionally.  No matter at what stage you are in your career, the advice backed by years of experience from your mentor is invaluable as you continue to grow as a professional.

But how do you express your gratitude when there is no price you can put on their support?

Here are four creative ways to thank your mentor for their investment in you.

1. Celebrate Big Wins With Them

Whether you nailed an important presentation, landed a big promotion, or received your dream job, it’s likely you’ve expressed your goals with your mentor and they have provided feedback and advice. It’s easy to celebrate with friends and family, but don’t forget to invite that other important person in your life, your mentor!

2. Gift a Piece of You

Sure, free coffee or a gift card to your mentor’s favorite restaurant is nice, but lacks that personal touch. Think of ways to give them a piece of you – perhaps a bag of coffee from your hometown or one of your favorite novels that you think they may also enjoy.

This will help you connect with them on deeper level.

3. Send a Hand-Written Thank You Note

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

In a world filled with email, social media, texting and more, there is a lot of value in a hand-written note. Be sure to make it personal and call out specific pieces of advice or progress you’ve made given their advice.

4. Nominate Them for an Award

Remember that time you had an amazing professional agree to mentor you, it’s likely because they saw something in you. What better way to show your mentor what you see in them by nominating them for an award?

WWPR knows it’s important to recognize those emerging in their fields and those that are recognized as leaders in the industry, and lucky for you, nominations are open to submit your mentor to be recognized as the Washington PR Woman of the Year. Nominate them for free today, hurry nominations close on August 31, 2016.