By Lindsay Young, PR Woman of the Year Committee Member

WWPR is calling on YOU to nominate our next honoree for the 2018 Washington Women in Public Relations PR Woman of the Year award. This award honors the most talented women in the industry who have made contributions to her field and currently reside in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Throughout the years, WWPR has honored individuals who have displayed true leadership throughout her career – both in public relations and the community – and shown their devotion to the advancement of fellow women. Our winners have held top positions in government, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies; led nonprofit boards; been active in mentoring other women; and given their whole hearts to a variety of causes.

Do you know someone who fits the bill? Well, here are four reasons why you should nominate them:

1. Because they deserve it

This is the perfect opportunity to show your mentor, coworkers and leaders how much you truly appreciate what they’re doing. Working in public relations in D.C. is not any easy task — did you know that being a public relations executive is one of the top 10 most stressful jobs? Yet these bold women do it with grace and ease while asking for nothing in return. Highlight their achievements and acknowledge their hard work and dedication to our field and community today by submitting your nomination!

2. It’s Easy!

Don’t have a lot of time? Nominations take two easy steps – submit a PDF resume (up to two pages) and a PDF recommendation (up to two pages) to to be considered. That’s a maximum of FOUR PAGES. How easy is that?!

As a note, the nominee must be a female professional with a minimum of 20 years of experience in the public relations field, at least five of which have been in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area (she must also currently reside in this area).

3. You Get to Go to A Cool D.C. Event

The Woman of the Year luncheon is an annual event spanning over 28 years. An event aimed at fostering camaraderie among women in public relations, the Woman of the Year luncheon is a must-attend event that honors the achievements of those who are outstanding communicators in D.C. You’ll get to network with some amazing people at the Fairmont Hotel and hear inspiring stories of leaders in our field. Last year’s WWPR president said she always leaves the Woman of the Year luncheon feeling “invigoration and inspiration” and “always leaves the room having heard words I needed to hear.” And who doesn’t love a Friday lunch away from work?

4. They Might Not Nominate Themselves

Hard working, bold and courageous women might not nominate themselves for an award like PR Woman of the Year. Many past women of the year have said they’ve felt humbled to be “recognized by their peers” and grateful that “WWPR acknowledges accomplishments of so many like us.”

It is so important to credit and highlight the women in D.C. who have made a major impact on our lives, the community and the public relations field. So, nominate your mentors, coworkers, leaders and friends for the prestigious Woman of the Year award before October 5!

To learn more about the PR Woman of the Year award, visit the WOY webpage or email