KayAnn Schoeneman, Senior Vice President, Director of Corporate & Public Affairs for Curley Company delivered a humor-filled, inspiring address to attendees of WWPR’s Annual Meeting Luncheon and Board of Director’s induction ceremony, held Jan. 30.

Schoeneman, a 2019 Woman of the Year Award nominee and colon cancer survivor, urged WWPR members to make purposeful connections as they navigate their careers and their personal lives while seeking balance and achieving goals. She also advised attendees to be crystal clear about their values.

“When you know what your values are, everything falls in line and you start to build purposeful connections,” said Schoeneman, emphasizing that women should aim for progress over perfection and expand their limiting beliefs and attitudes.

“Be vulnerable, too. Being vulnerable unlocks deeper, more powerful connections and vulnerability can be hard or soft,” she noted, citing her participation in a Breast Cancer run as an example of when she was vulnerable – an opportunity that forced her out of her comfort zone.

“When you might feel the most insecure is when you’ll start to make a powerful connection, so get out of your comfort zone.”

Wonderful guidance as we navigate all that 2020 will bring.

Here’s more gold from KayAnn’s rousing address:

10 Lessons from KayAnn Schoeneman

  1.       Always have a sense of humor
  2.       Stop trying to be perfect
  3.       Be curious. Never stop learning.
  4.       Know yourself and your values.
  5.       Get out of your comfort zone.
  6.       Find mentors and sponsors.
  7.       Nurture your relationships.
  8.       Be vulnerable – it’s ok.
  9.       Know you are resilient.
  10.   Take time to recharge.
Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd Headshot

Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd, Membership Co-Chair, Board of Directors WWPR