Laura Davenport, WWPR Member

Article written by  Laura Davenport,
WWPR Member,
Senior Account Executive, Ketchum

WWPR’s Membership Committee Co-Chairs—Alex Thompson and Jenn Sherman—recently went Live on Facebook to answer one simple question: why should you join Washington Women in PR?

The conversation that followed was packed with useful information. Didn’t have time to watch the video, but still want to know why WWPR is right for you? Not to worry! I’ve shared the key takeaways as I saw them.

  • We are a community.

In Washington and the greater DMV area, there’s no shortage of associations, organizations, clubs, academies, or societies to join. WWPR stands out because of the commitment that its 350+ members share for making this community a supportive one and ensuring that each member gets what she needs out of it.

Both Alex and Jenn remarked on how welcoming they found the members of the group when they joined. WWPR has—dare we say it—a great vibe, the source of which is the organization’s commitment to cultivating and inspiring our members to reach their full potential.

  • We make networking fun—and worth your while.

Oh boy, networking. I don’t know if there has ever been a more DC concept than this one (except maybe Happy Hour, or boozy brunch). If you are anything like me, you know that the quality of networking in our fair District tends to vary.

Rest assured, when you network with WWPR, you’re networking with the best. During their Facebook Live, Alex and Jenn shared how WWPR networking events give members access to top communicators in the DC area—from every part of the industry. We made of are CEOs, CCOs, internal comms leaders, digital experts, media relations juggernauts and more.

With networking that works for you—you have access to a lot of amazing opportunities.  Which brings me to my next point…

  • We have an amazing job board.

WWPR’s job board is made by and for members. Current members can share postings for openings at their company or organization. When applying for those positions, other WWPR members have the possible advantage of a built-in referral or reference through the member who posted the job.

On the first page alone, there are positions available for strategic comms agencies, trade associations, issue advocacy group and grassroots organizations.

  • We provide professional development opportunities.

Some of us have—for now at least—wrapped up the formal education era of our life. Lucky for us, WWPR offers around 10 professional development events per year. Some are hosted by WWPR, some of hosted by outside groups that give a special rate for WWPR members.  Events range in topic—here’s a taste of past offerings:

  • We give you a lot of bang for your buck.

“Laura, you can’t possibly expect us to believe that all this and more can be ours with a WWPR membership!”

Oh, but it is! And if you don’t believe me, Alex and Jenn discussed it in their Live broadcast. We are a dues-paying organization, but the small annual membership cost covers access to professional development events and to WWPR’s extensive network of women communicators. WWPR also offers all-inclusive group memberships giving access to our signature events and more!

  • We are committed to advancing women communicators.

As a member of WWPR, you can help play an integral role in celebrating outstanding achievements by women in our field.  Get involved in a committee supporting WWPR awards that honor these industry leaders. Emerging Leader Awards are given to nominees who have demonstrated leadership in their field.

The Washington PR Woman of the Year Award is given to one woman every year that exemplifies true characteristics of a leader in PR—she is a visionary, a standout representative of her company, who perseveres and delivers results that last in her work.

  • We are run by you, for you.

Leadership opportunities abound at WWPR. Members are welcome to join any number of the committees that operate this all-volunteer organization. Joining a committee is a great way to further your networking reach, as well as to practice existing or learn new skills.  For example, Alex and Jenn co-chair the Membership Committee. I am a member of the Content Committee. I encourage you to research the available committees and see if they might be the right fit for you.

Finally, WWPR is built for its members. Committee members are open to suggestions and your input. A great example that comes up in the Facebook video is Alex’s efforts to increase activities for and presence of our Northern Virginia and Montgomery & Prince George County, MD peers.

WWPR is 100% committed to advancing women communicators and it does so by bringing relevant opportunities and content to you.

For more from Alex and Jenn, watch the Facebook Live video and send questions to