For women, March is a month with a lot of expectations. In just 31 days, we are asked to look to the past to celebrate Women’s History Month, acknowledging how far we’ve come while also reflecting on the ways we can stand in solidarity our worldwide sisterhood.  For WWPR, I encourage you to use this month to inspire, motivate, and empower yourselves and other women to “Woman Up.”

Much of March is focused on acknowledging the sacrifices of our predecessors from the not-so-distant past, recognizing the major strides women have made in gaining the right to vote, get an education, or join—and grow in—the workforce. We’ve come so far! However, I encourage WWPR members to also look at the future for themselves as well as the woman in the cubicle next to them. Not many of us would be where we are today without the support of another woman lifting us up, encouraging us, and giving us the opportunity to do, learn or be something more. Now, it’s your turn to return the favor.  

First, spend a minute to send a thank you note to the woman who inspired you. Second, reach out and pull up the next woman who may not yet have the confidence to speak up and stand out for herself. For this, WWPR is here to help you: we’ve officially opened nominations for the WWPR Emerging Leaders Awards.  

Within six industries, we want to recognize the young women, aged 25-35, who communicate, collaborate, and conquer in their workplaces and communities. Show us the women who bring it!  Encourage a colleague to be an all-star and self-nominate for the award, or help them compile their application with your reference, due March 31.  I challenge each and every person reading this message to pay-it-forward and suggest a woman you know apply for the award. We ALL know someone who deserves to be recognized.

And of course, take this month as an opportunity to own your workplace and personal achievements. It’s always hard for on-the-go women like us to take a minute to step back and look at our day, week, or month.  That’s why we hosted our first Rise and Shine event, a members-only opportunity to network, refresh our minds, and motivate ourselves before the busy day begins. I invite you to become a member so you can join us next quarter for a mindful start to your day.

Amanda Ott
2018 WWPR Vice President