By day Neveah Bradshaw is a Digital Marketing Manager at bluemercury, a luxury beauty retail brand where she creates and manages their paid search campaign strategy. After hours this social media maven makes time to serve on WWPR’s Board as Social Chair.

Molly Mitchell spoke with Neveah for the January edition of Power Points about why it’s a good idea not to chase every viral fad on social media and why it’s important to keep ambition in check when just starting your career.

What drew you to public relations?


Neaveah Bradshaw, Digital Marketing Manager at bluemercury

I’ve always been compassionate and empathetic so I was naturally drawn to a field that harnessed those traits. Over the years, I’ve used my ability and perception of multiple points of view to help effectively communicate with desired audiences.

How would you describe your current role? 

At bluemercury, I create and manage our paid search campaign strategy, as well as the SEO strategy of our recently re-launched website. I work with the social team on paid social and, more recently, we’ve enacted a display advertising strategy. I also really enjoy getting out of my wheelhouse and assisting my teammates with other interesting projects.

Is there such a thing as a typical day for you in your current role? If yes, what does it look like?

My typical day involves being in many different reporting systems and dashboards, so I really enjoy the diversity of projects that I get to work on.

What is the most gratifying part of your job?

The most gratifying aspect of my job is the incredible growth that the company is currently experiencing. I have a front row seat to watch a vision turn into reality, that is now being expanded nationally! It’s super inspiring.

What keeps you motivated?

I’m motivated by the ever-changing dynamics of digital and the business world. There are more opportunities to be entrepreneurial than ever before. My amazing family also always keeps me going!

What’s your advice on how to have an authentic and fun voice online with social media?

 Don’t be so busy trying to be on fleek that bae, your ideal customer, unfollows you. Social is a space that allows your customer to identify with your brand, which doesn’t necessarily translate to imitating them.

 What professional experience have you learned the most from (for example maybe something went wrong but it taught you a crucial lesson)?

 I earned my Masters in Strategic Communications from American University in 2014. I enrolled in an executive program that allowed students to work and take classes on the weekends. I learned so much in that 18-month period and met some amazing people. That experience taught me that time is truly a professional’s most valuable asset. It shouldn’t be squandered, abused or spent on regret.

What do you think is the biggest barrier to female leadership in the workplace?

 In my opinion, women have made tremendous strides and have broken down the toughest barriers in the workplace and in advancing equality. Our united voices are louder than ever, and opportunity is greater than ever. The challenge now will be to follow through and pass the baton. Progress does not end here.

What makes a successful communications campaign (basically how do you measure that you’ve done a great job)?

Molly Mitchell, Scott Circle

I’m so lucky and excited that my role now is direct to consumer. I get to see success via happy customers on social, on our website or in one of our nearby stores. Beyond metrics, a happy customer’s positive feedback, review or referral indicates success.

When you hire what are the qualities you most value in potential employees?

An insatiable appetite for experience and learning. It’s important to seek people who want to grow.

Tell me more about your involvement with WWPR. How did you get involved and what led you to join the board as Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee?

My first WWPR event was 5 or 6 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Jordan, of PRofessional Solutions who kindly took me under her wing. I grew to love the organization and its members, so when the opportunity presented itself to serve as Melanie’s successor, I didn’t think twice.

How has WWPR helped shape your career?

For me WWPR is an outlet, the camaraderie and professional experience that I’m surrounded by has made a huge impact. I’m here to pass on what I’ve learned and continue to build something that will benefit female professionals for generations.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I try to take a moment to get centered, then I check email and Instagram.

What’s your go to Starbuck’s order?

Grande Soy Vanilla Latte, with 2 pumps of Peppermint. An old boss introduced me and I’ve loved it ever since!

What’s your favorite treatment from the bluemercury spa? You must have bluemercury product?

I got my first facial at bluemercury Georgetown recently and it was incredible! I didn’t just glow, I was beaming! My favorite product is the PowerGlow Peel byM-61 Skincare. After a long day in the city’s smog this exfoliating peel works as hard as I do!

What are three things that every professional woman should keep in her bag?

An iPhone, (which serves as a pen and business cards in one) a charger for said iPhone and blotting papers, one should only be remembered for a shiny personality.

What’s your favorite thing about the District? 

 The familiarity — I grew up in the area so it’s nice to feel at home no matter where I am in the DMV.

What outfit combination do you consider your power suit?

 My power suit is more internal than external. For me being prepared, well rested and centered make me feel unstoppable. Great skin, a bold lip and good heels don’t hurt though!

What advice would you give your early professional self?

 Keep your ambition in check. Use it as a source of motivation not a barometer to weigh your disappointment. While planning ahead, take the time to revel in your strides and accomplishments.

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