Sarah Beth Cloar, President, WWPR

Without right or regard, I’m dedicating this month to moms. Yes, I realize Mother’s Day was in May. And no, I’m not seeking praise or playing my tiny violin. Instead, I stand and applaud the women in our industry who are working around the clock and hardly stopping to take a breath between managing their career and childcare.

It was during last month’s board meeting when a few of our board members – caught on camera – were dutifully giving their all to our one-hour discussion and caring for children simultaneously. While my kid was in the bath, quieted with the iPad (the shame), and far away from video shot, I was moved by my fellow board members who could have very easily sat this one out.

A board member freshly returning from maternity leave, a veteran mom of twin boys, a few moms with toddlers – this job is no doubt the hardest, and yet, they still carve out time for other women. And for themselves.

We’ve all seen the stories of how working moms are carrying the weight of serving as emotional barometers for the household or how countless others have had to choose childcare over their careers amid this pandemic. In this back to school season, as our social feeds are an equal balance of first day of school photos or virtual homeschool set-ups, I hope we can give some well-deserved applause and love to our mom community.

While it feels impossible to juggle on some days, it is moments like these where I remember I am not alone. Community is everything.