WWPR has had a busy February! We got the month started right with a sold-out Advanced Snapchat and Instagram Workshop where expert presenters shared insights about how to use these tools to achieve communications goals. Check out this recap to snag some of the takeaways.

On February 22 we partnered with ColorComm and United Women in Business to present “Negotiations 365” where a panel of experts shared their experience and tips for negotiation. The good news is that women are negotiating more and doing it successfully. The bad news is that they still face backlash and a double-standard when it comes to negotiating. Some of my favorite tips from this sold-out, interactive event:

  • Do your research. Know what salary and benefits are market rate for the position.
  • Know your bottom line and be willing to walk away. Be prepared to know your limits for meeting your minimal needs to come to an agreement.
  • Enter negotiations as a journey. It is a conversation and be willing to dialogue.
  • Don’t undervalue yourself. Know your worth and convey your value by telling your unique story.

Perhaps most important: everything is negotiable! We negotiate throughout every day, without often realizing it. Expanding your concept of negotiation opens more doors.

As professionals, negotiation is a powerful tool to use for ourselves towards career development and growth. But it also can be used on behalf of our employers. Showing these skills demonstrates that you can bring negotiation savvy to your employer.

WWPR has a lot more in store! Stay tuned for Speed Mentoring on April 4 — one of our most popular events every year where attendees spend quality time in small groups with experienced professionals to boost their careers and get guidance on navigating tricky issues.

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We look forward to seeing you online and in person soon!