Sarah Beth Cloar, President, WWPR

It goes without saying that 2020 has not been without its challenges (can we get a do-over?). However, this past month has me more grateful than ever as I’ve seen our community band together and flourish with fresh ideas, new faces, and a restored strength. We owe some thank yous:

Thank you to those women and men who are making room for diverse voices.
Thank you to those leaders and organizations who are serious about shifting our culture.
Thank you to activists who are hitting the streets to protest and rally in their communities.
Thank you to the educators who are expanding our minds.
Thank you for the listeners and the people who are absorbing, learning, and committing to do better.
Thank you to the contributors whose giving is allowing others to make an impact.
Thank you to those who helped us make major steps forward for LGBTQ rights.
Thank you to service members, frontline workers, and healthcare experts.
Thank you to moms, caregivers and teachers.
Thank you to the journalists, reporters and storytellers.

And thank you to our WWPR members who offer their advice, guidance, and expertise. I am proud of our membership and our work – it could not be possible without you.