During COVID, it’s no secret that many professionals have more time on their hands given non-existent morning routines, 15-30 second commutes to and from work and lack of social events. In turn, digital content consumption has soared (more than doubled actually) and PR pros have garnered particular affinity to regular e-newsletter consumption as the platform as a whole continues to thrive. HubSpot reported 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email and 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the past year.

Here are six inspiring newsletters recommended for all you current and future district PR lady bosses out there.

  1. The Daily Skimm by theSkimm – One of the earlier “digital newsletter content boom” players and the first thing many women in PR start their day with, this is a fab morning roundup of the top news stories to give a quick snapshot of not only what happened the previous day, but what cutting-edge communicators should keep in mind for the coming day (and tasteful, yet telling, tools, tips, quotes and sayings to help slay through) as we interact with our teams, clients, reps, reporters, family or roommates on the hour, every hour.
  2. Axios Media Trends – Released every Tuesday morning by the fabulous Sara Fischer, it’s a top-notch, unique and proactive (because who really wants a reactive newsletter of news that’s already been news) look at the full paid, earned, owned and shared digital and traditional media landscape with analysis and corresponding trends to keep an eye on.
  3. Punchbowl News – Launched just in January, the latest project and brilliance from one of DC’s favorite lady bosses, Anna Palmer, and her trusted partners John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman, a sharp and “punchy” exclusive need-to-know of what (the heck) is going on inside the political world that we’re living and breathing here in DC. Whether you like it, think you have influence in it or not, these are the facts and why not have a one-up on how policy and its perspectives influence our work?
  4. Digiday Daily & Digiday Media (Note: Adweek Media is similarly awesome, but their content is tightly firewalled) – The daily need-to-know for any social or digital media professional, with headlines and articles including intelligent platform updates. This features very important information and perspective for most PR pros given the ever-present digital nature of today’s (and yesterday’s) media landscape, communication channels and consumer campaign digestion habits.
  5. Betches – A more light-hearted option but a great recap of only “the sh*t you need to know” to give us gals a little sanity if we’re ever feeling like the short end of the stick, uninspired, overworked, over (or under) whelmed, this is a platform where laughs are 99.9% guaranteed and let’s face it, everyone needs a good girl power 😂 from time to time. Highly recommend their various podcasts and social handles for more on the reg face-moving banter too!
  6. Insider Intelligence’s Chart of the Day – Helpful, quick, and concise graphical business information depicting topics such as generational trends, digital platform successes and downfalls, retail insights and more.

Other recommended, non-industry-specific, newsletters are:

Written by Rachel Winer WWPR Content Committee Senior Vice President – Digital, Rokk Solutions

eMarketer Daily
POLITICO Playbook (its Influence and Transition options are also great)
Bowl Digest through the Fishbowl app
Substacks (reporter self-run, subscription-based newsletters). Personal favorites include: a UK-based Monday morning send, Wadds, Inc., written by my former colleague, Stephen Waddington, which features marketing, media and public relations brilliance).

And stay 👀 people – Twitter has jumped on the newsletter train, recently acquiring a company called Revue to provide yet another great way for creators and readers to utilize newsletters.

Whether you’ve stayed in D.C., are cooped up in your hometown, or are living the high life in a trendy pandemic AirBnB, there’s no time like the present to up your daily and weekly newsletter consumption game because, well, they’re everywhere and we could all use a little extra personal and professional inspiration these days.