Updated 01/04/2018

The WWPR Board voted to propose the following updates to the organization’s bylaws noted below in bold font. These proposed changes will be up for a vote to the WWPR members at the Annual Meeting onĀ January 25, 2018.

2017 Proposed Bylaws changes:

Proposed change to Article V, The Board, Section 1: The Board Chairs shall be comprised of a maximum of 21 WWPR members in good standing, elected by the attendees at the Annual Meeting and Board Induction Lunch of WWPR.

Proposed change to Article V: The Board, Section 2: Chairs shall be elected for a term of one year and then may request in writing a second term in that position to the President, Vice President, and Past President. A written request must also be sent to the above named if a Chair wishes to stay on the Board for a second term, but in a different position. It is up to the discretion of the President, Vice President, and Past President to decide if individuals will stay on the board in any position for more than one year on the Board.

Proposed change to Article VI: Board Chairs, Section 1: The Chairs of WWPR Shall be a President, a Vice President, a Past President, Content Strategy Chair, Digital Strategy Chair, Membership Chair(s), Pro Bono Chair(s), PR Woman of the Year Chair(s), Professional Development Chair(s), Emerging Leader Award Chair(s), a Secretary, Sponsorship Chair(s), a Treasurer, and other chairs as needed to maintain operations for WWPR (up to the maximum allowed board positions). These are responsible for the management of the organization, and each is elected for a one-year term. Board Chairs must be WWPR members in good standing.