Ariana Solis Gomez, director of strategic communications at Hogan Lovells, may be new to WWPR, but she’s already making her mark by focusing on our organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts. I chatted with her for this month’s Member Spotlight to learn more about her soon-to-launch blog series for WWPR and her commitment to advocating for women of color and other minority groups.

The Journey to DC

Ariana was born and raised in Mexico before moving to DC over six and a half years ago. Her life in the District began after she landed a scholarship from the Washington Center, where she took on an internship at the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) while taking a course on public policy and project management. Ariana turned the internship into a full-time position and built the communications department from the ground up—with an emphasis on the digital strategy—eventually becoming the director of communications.

Melinda Tolliver, WWPR Member

Article written by  Melinda Tolliver,
WWPR Member,
Manager, Digital Media, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Currently, she is part of Hogan Lovells’ Strategic Communications Practice Group, a new branch that is part in-house PR, part  public affairs and government relations. In this capacity, Ariana develops strategic issue advocacy campaigns to help move the legislative needle, increase brand visibility, and cultivate relationships with potential key audiences. 

Advocacy for Diversity & Inclusion

In and out of the office, Ariana is a tireless advocate for diversity and inclusion. She first found her passion for diversity and inclusion when she moved to the U.S. and found herself faced with new challenges related to diversity. At HACR, she was introduced to the organization’s mission to increase representation of Hispanics in corporate America, and she also worked closely with other organizations hoping to do the same with other minority groups.

Ariana still thinks there’s a long way to go to see more progress on that front, especially in leadership positions. One thing she always tries to do is bring awareness to the issues—including unconscious bias—and providing action items on best practices that individuals can take back to their communities or places of work, which she hopes will lead to substantial growth.

Diversity & Inclusion and WWPR

As part of her role on WWPR’s Content Committee, Ariana will be launching a new blog series focused on diversity and inclusion, including highlighting women of color who are making strides in the field. When she was considering joining the organization, she noted a lack of resources tailored to minority or other affinity groups, and flagged that as an opportunity for WWPR. Among other ideas for the series, she is hoping to take a look at what other women of color are doing in terms of diversity and inclusion, address unconscious bias, and share challenges that many face in the field.  

In addition to her efforts on the Content Committee, Ariana is also a member of the Emerging Leaders Awards Committee where she’ll be a liaison for the finalists—helping them navigate the process and becoming the point of contact for questions.

Her Ideal Weekend

Ariana’s favorite way to spend time out of work? Soul Cycle! She is a huge fan and describes the time in the studio as her treat. She also decompresses outside of work by watching movies, getting in quality time with her husband, and having dinner with friends.  

In the Morning…

Ariana recently updated her morning routine as part of her renewed focus on her health. She now begins her day at 5:45 a.m. with a high-intensity interval training workout. Since she’s not naturally a morning person, it’s a bit new for her, but she says having a routine has helped and now she’ll even feel a bit guilty if she skips a day. After the workout, she’ll get ready with a cup of coffee. Then, it’s off to work to check that inbox (and get more coffee!).

Her Advice:

Take more risks! Life happens outside your comfort zone.

Stop second guessing yourself – you are fully capable.

Check out Ariana’s latest blog post about how diversity leads to success in the workplace.