Washington Women in Public Relations

Executive Communicators Committee Brown Bag Luncheon


 Johna Burke, Senior Vice President, Marketing for BurrellesLuce

Addressing a packed room on May 19 at Golin Harris in Arlington, VA, Johna Burke, Senior Vice President, Marketing, BurrellesLuce, began her presentation by telling the group that according to CNBC.com, the second most stressful job is a public relations executive.

She sang the praises of EVERNOTE, an organizational app that allows the user to take notes from phones, desktops and online.  The notes can be text, images, files, audio and more and this app is searchable and cloud-based.  Other useful tools to consider: Username Check, Google Labs, Screengrab! (a Firefox plug-in) and twitthat.

“The more things change, the more they say the same,” said Johna when she reminded the attendees that AP was the first viral means of distributing information.  Today, hyperlocal is the new trend and includes print, online broadcast and hybrids (think tbd.com and Patch).  Hyperlocal initiatives are community – not geographically – based and great for niche targeting.

When building relationships with today’s media, communicators must:

  • Understand if the journalist thinks like a print journalist, online journalist or MOJO
  • KNOW the hot topics/memes and pitch around those themes
  • Understand if your “story” is a story or PART of a story
  • Have an online newsroom: Executive speeches sources of quotes
  • Deconstruct tweets for influencers

 Apply measurement best practices

Although no “fix” exists for overcoming measurement challenges, these helpful tips will help you find a solution that works with your measurement goals: Consistency, Manageable and Outside Expertise.

Johna warned the group about graphic seduction.  Although graphics can be very pretty and exciting, never use images you do not understand; sometimes all you need is an Excel spreadsheet. She also stressed the importance of knowing your stakeholders “no matter where they are,” with an example of an inmate in jail.

Barcelona principles

The second European Summit on Measurement met in Barcelona last year, where the participants agreed to basic PR measurement reasearch princples, known as the Barcelona Principles. Currently, a working group has used the principles to devise new, validated metrics.  WWPR members will have access to the exciting new system of metrics, as soon it is complete, probably in mid-June.

Kim Ash, Johna French, Kendra Kojcsich

Kim Ash, WWPR Executive Communicators Chair, Speaker Johna Burke, BurrellesLuce, and Kendra Kojcsich, WWPR President

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