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4 Ways to Thank Your Mentor

By Brittany A. Floyd, Member of WWPR and Co-Chair of WWPR’s Marketing Communications Committee It’s no secret that having the support of a mentor helps you grow both personally and professionally.  No matter at what stage you are in your career, the advice backed by... [Read more...]

President’s Note

While many organizations take a break in the summer, I feel like WWPR is in full swing! We had our Happy Hour on July 26 where attendees had an opportunity to meet fellow WWPR members AND enjoy cake pops! On August 18 we will be hosting a wellness event featuring a... [Read more...]

WWPR Member Spotlight: Hillarie Turner

By Melinda Price This month’s Member Spotlight features an interview with WWPR Member and Past President Hillarie Turner, Vice President of Van Eperen. Here is her insight on how WWPR impacted her career and her advice for WWPR members. How did you become involved in... [Read more...]